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Plasto Tech Fabricators

established in the year 1993 in Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

To become one of the best Fabricators in the area of PVC, HDPE, FRP, SWR and DWC by providing customized solution to our Customers.

Being direct manufacturer, our costing to clients is affordable with high quality.

With 25 years of track record with leading industries, we assure our customer with high quality project work with timely completion.

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With state of the art manufacturing facility and long-time experience in handling bulky projects, we develop exclusive customized solution to the customers based on their requirement. We are specialised in fabrication of all types of P.V.C pipes and fittings and other related work. We are pioneers in manufacturing state of the art high quality product and services to our customers.

Over the years, Plasto-Tech Fabricators became one of the leading fabricators and exclusive customized product provider in the area of PVC and HDPE fittings, large projects on FRP sheet and lings etc. Currently with a production facility situated at Thane Belapur MIDC.

We are specialist in the following P.V.C Pipe fabricated products :-
Door Bend, Door Tee, Door Y, Door Elbows
Double Y, Cross Tee, Offset Bends
Reducing Tee, Reducer, Eccentric reducer
Long Radius Bend

All the above products are made in sizes up to 450 mm.


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One Stop Solution for your project


Best Fabricators for PVC, HDPE, FRP, SWR and DWC


Affordable Costing with high quality


High quality project work with timely completion.

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We maintain the relationships with better customer support.

On Time,On Budget, with in Scope and with Quality.
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